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Gaduet Family Update – Prayer Request, Hmong, Flooding

September 29 | Posted by Tom Gaudet | Gaudet Family Updates Tags:

A couple of days ago a group of just more than 30 Hmong people from Laos who were in Thailand without permission were arrested and taken to the border for deportation. There have been no official reports yet, but in the process, two of them died. There has been no contact with the others since then.

Apparently over the past weeks a significant number of Hmong have crossed into Thailand without permission. At this point many of them are in hiding due to the events of the past couple of days as you might imagine.

We would ask you to pray especially at this time for these people. Much more could be said about this situation I am sure, but what is needed now is intercession. God knows the needs and what can be done for them. We do not, only to ask prayer.

It was heart-breaking this morning in our prayer time to listen to our Hmong co-worker weeping uncontrollably and praying for his people. Surely we can pray with him.

Also, while we have so far been spared from flooding, a large portion of the city is under water. One lady who has helped us has water in her house almost covering the first floor. Many are suffering. Water is being released from reservoirs in the mountains now and no one is exactly sure how that will affect the existing situation. Please pray!

For Souls Still Waiting,
Tom and Krinny Gaudet



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