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Gaudet Family Update – Aug 7, 2010

August 7 | Posted by Tom Gaudet | Gaudet Family Updates Tags:

Thank you for your intercession for my trip to India. Teaming with brethren there, it looks like there is potential of reaching into many of the languages of the country. Please pray about that. What an opportunity.

A couple of weeks ago while we were dealing with a translator in a Middle Eastern country via e-mail, we met a Christian couple from that country who are now living in Thailand. They left their country due to persecution. We asked them to look over the work which had already been done because we were having some problems with fonts. It looks like they will not only be able to help us with finishing that language, but will be able to translate into the next major language in that country which is their mother tongue!

Both of these languages have large numbers of speakers in India also. However, in both cases the Indian speakers of these languages use a different script in writing. With the completion of the first two, both of the languages in India will be relatively easy to complete. As only the Lord could work it out, while in India last week we were able to lay the groundwork for dealing with these languages with the brethren there!

Now a request for intercession concerning this: The couple we met who fled their country may be available to work with us on several language projects in their languages beyond what is underway now. The husband is however looking for a job now. We would like to ask you to pray about us possibly putting him on staff. What an opportunity if the Lord directs in it! So much more is possible and the needs are so great in that region. If you wish to know more, please communicate with me about it directly.

By the way, within this month, literature which we have handled here will be on presses in Vietnam, Burma, Thailand, Russia, India as well as the USA.

Lastly, please pray for our sponsoring Church. Our Pastor just resigned and of course both He, his family, and the brethren at our Church are in need of wisdom and prayer. We are so dependent upon our Lord, our Church, our Prayer Partners and Supporters, that it is hard to think ourselves independent Baptists. Dependent is more like it.

For Souls Still Waiting,

Tom and Krinny Gaudet


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