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Gaudet Family Update – 14th July 2012

August 3 | Posted by Tom Gaudet | Gaudet Family Updates Tags:
Dear Intercessors,

Greetings from Thailand! We feel it needful to update you and ask intercession in several matters. We just sent the files for the Urdu John/Romans to brethren in the USA. 200,000 copies are being printed as this is written. It is such an incredible joy to see the Word of God go forth in this manner. These two books were pushed through to meet a window of opportunity for distribution. Please pray concerning this and continue to pray about the rest of the New Testament as it is completed.

We have not yet distributed the last container of materials in Burmese. We felt it necessary to assess the needs ourselves first. A container of Bibles and portions represent a huge investment of God’s money and must not be wasted.

To facilitate that, a trip is planned later this month to coincide with visitors from the USA arriving. Please be much in prayer concerning this trip. Visas need to be obtained, meetings lined up and the right information needs to be found while there. We will also be addressing the need for Scripture in the S’gaw Karen language as well as starting another printing inside the country.

At that point we should be able to sort out how the materials need to be distributed. This really needs to be done before September. We will know more after this trip, but it does look like we will be $3-4,000 short of necessary funds for the distribution. Please pray. God knows the needs.

All this is going on as we wind down the last weeks before Krinny and I leave for the USA. We are also finalizing our schedule for the three months in the USA as well as preparing things here so that our co-workers are not hindered in their work during our absence. A lot remains to be done. We recently had a new server installed on the office network and are still sorting out some bugs in that system.

We just received the news that Carolyn Chambers is planning to return shortly after we leave for the USA! No exact date has been set but we are thrilled and so very thankful for her Church standing behind her and ministering to our needs in this manner. It is a real sacrifice for them.

Please keep this work and our co-workers in prayer. We dare not attempt what we do without intercession. Thank you in Jesus’ Name!

For Souls Still Waiting,
Tom and Krinny Gaudet


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