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Gaudet Family Update – 18 March 2012

March 19 | Posted by Tom Gaudet | Gaudet Family Updates Tags:

Greetings Brethren,

A lot is happening in the work here right now but I wanted to ask prayer of wisdom for us over these next few weeks specifically in the area of co-workers. Some are coming, some are going, visitors are arriving and the work goes on.

Carolyn, one of our co-workers has just booked her return ticket to the USA. She was due to return late summer but she is going back early to assist her mother who will be having surgery. She will be sorely missed.

Over the past 10 days we have met with a S’gaw Karen man from Burma twice. He is well educated and very well qualified to work with us on doing a thorough text check on the Karen Bible. Based on that study we will formulate a plan on what to do about preparing it for print. We should be able to finalize things with him tomorrow afternoon and then he will be working with us.

We need wisdom about upgrading the living conditions for a couple of our local co-workers. I won’t go into detail about it here but please pray for us as we discuss obtaining additional housing and transportation for them.

On the 24th, a young man from Oak Harbor, WA arrives for nearly 3 weeks. Five days later on the 29th, a young couple from Conyers, GA will arrive for two weeks to do a short survey trip. They are considering working with us and this trip is necessary to seek the Lord’s will.

During the days these visitors are here, a lot of traveling will be taking place. Most of it is things we already had planned or needed to attend to but we rescheduled to do during these days. The work of translation and publishing in various languages must continue during these days.

Anyway, we mention these things now to ask prayer for wisdom as we shuffle responsibilities, as well as funds to cover expenses for those we need to care for. It is all part of the work. Pray for the short-term visitors that they would leave with a vision for what the Lord wants done. Each one of these contributes a great deal to the ongoing work of publishing the only Book that God ever wrote!

For Souls Still Waiting,
Tom and Krinny Gaudet


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