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Gaudet Family Update – Daily News, Admonition

March 12 | Posted by Tom Gaudet | Gaudet Family Updates Tags:


I am sure you are watching the news of the horrible earthquake and tsunami in Japan which has created untold suffering. Our hearts cannot help but be burdened for the people. Other natural, as well as man-made disasters seem to be in the news daily.

I would like to admonish you to consider these reports to be the Lord calling each of us to pray. Of course, pray for relief from suffering, and the peaceful resolution of each war and unrest. But more pointedly, ask God if His purpose through these problems is to soften men’s hearts to the Gospel.
For example, God may be working behind the scenes in the unrest in South Asian and Middle Eastern countries right now. Through all these difficulties, God may be preparing the hearts of people in these predominately Islamic countries to hear the truth of the Gospel and tender their hearts toward Him.

In Morning Prayer meetings, our staff; Thai, Falam Chin, Karen, Pakistani and American are praying for God to give open doors in Libya, Bahrain, Pakistan and other nearby countries through the unrest. I wish you could hear the brother from Pakistan pray for a revival in his country! God’s purpose is often very real to us as we pray. While we are working on evangelistic and discipleship materials and Scripture in many languages we find ourselves asking God if He wants to use us in some way to accomplish His purpose with these tragedies. God guides in this way. We have seen it happen many times.

As it is right now, we have materials ready to print, being printed, or in translation or proofing stage in many languages of many of the countries in the news now; Japan, India, Burma, Indonesia, Pakistan, and Arabic speaking countries to name a few.

I would admonish you to pay attention to what the Lord is doing in the world today and ask him if He wants you to be part of His plan. Faithfully pray that way and you might be surprised at the understanding you have of world events and what God is doing. Oftentimes through intercession we can make a great difference. Please do not think lightly of prayer. I am convinced we will all be surprised to find out what the Lord thinks of the intercession of His own.

For Souls Still Waiting,

Tom and Krinny Gaudet


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