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Gaudet Family Update – Emergency Room, Video Available

February 13 | Posted by Tom Gaudet | Gaudet Family Updates

UPDATE: (During the night, Krinny was stricken with severe pain of the sort she has experienced before only with kidney stones. We are heading to the Hospital as this is written. Please pray as we must make a decision to fly this evening or postpone and all the implications of that including maybe losing our tickets.

(The following is the text of┬áthe original e-mail written but not sent last night…)

We have just uploaded a video concerning the shipping and distribution of Burmese Bibles and Scripture portions. The video explores the question we asked, “Has all this been effective? Has it been worth the great expense and effort to print, and ship these Burmese Bibles?”

We videoed nearly two dozen men and women who have been using the Scriptures we send into the country. We had not previously met many of them. Our only connection is through the Bibles. Each one volunteered to speak on camera. We only wish we could show you all that each one had to say, but as it is the video is about the longest one we have ever produced, a little over 16 minutes.

Please click here to watch it. If you cannot download it or if you require a physical copy to be able to show it to others, please let me know and we will do what ever is necessary to get it to you. If the video does not play properly it may be because the server is still encoding it. All should be completed within the hour however.

Please pray for us as we depart for the USA in approximately 24 hours from now.


For Souls Still Waiting,

Tom and Krinny Gaudet

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