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Gaudet Family Update – Focus on Burma, Misc

October 8 | Posted by Tom Gaudet | Gaudet Family Updates Tags:

It has been just over one month since we arrived in the USA. It has been a great blessing to catch up with so many friends while here. Of course the work continues full bore back in Thailand in our absence. Two weeks after we arrived in the USA, Carolyn Chambers flew back to Thailand. It is humbling working with many of our co-workers who give all to serve the Lord.

Krinny is holding down the fort in Fort Worth (pun intended). She is enjoying just being home. By this coming Sunday, I will have already been in 12 churches, reporting and presenting the work! Please pray for the travels and meetings. There is potential for new and increased financial and prayer support. All is greatly needed at this time.

We have just posted online a 3 page Focus on Burma which deals a bit with the current situation in the country and preparations we have made for the day that the country begins to opens up. The time to prepare is before a country opens. We find ourselves in the middle of all of the activity as many are now beginning to focus on the region and people at this point. We invite you to click here and prayerfully read the information on the PDF.

Also, we ask you to pray concerning an opportunity which is opening up now. We have been keenly aware of the need for evangelism with a people group from Burma which are mostly unreached; the Shan. They number over 4 million with around 100,000 inside Thailand. Christians number less than 1%. The Shan state of Burma borders Thailand, Laos, and China. The Shan are linguistically very close to Thai. They are also called Tai Luang, Tai Yai, and various other names.

We are in contact with a Shan man who is just moving to our city in Thailand. He comes from a doctrinally-sound church and has a burden to see his people evangelized. It would be possible to put him on staff and have him begin translating sound materials to reach these people. We need wisdom from the Lord about this as we are pretty well stretched already. Please pray with us about this. It is a great opportunity to make a difference with these unreached people.

We would not want to undertake ministry such as this without many interceding as you do. Please don’t stop.


For Souls Still Waiting,

Tom and Krinny Gaudet




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