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Gaudet Family Update – Health & Departure!

February 28 | Posted by Tom Gaudet | Gaudet Family Updates
Dear Intercessors,

Note from Krinny…

“First of all, let me thank all of you who prayed for me during my recent illness. Yesterday’s Dr. appointment resulted in good news. My kidney has returned to its normal size and some of the stones have passed. There are still stones in both kidneys and I will be on medication for several weeks in an attempt to dissolve and flush the rest of the stones out of my system. I have been cleared to travel and we are on our way home on March 4th. Please continue to pray.”

As she mentioned, we were able to find seats for a flight on March 4! How we praise God for His ways as they are higher than ours. Please continue to pray that her body will be able to pass these stones now that they are broken up to smaller sections.

How we thank and praise God for each of you who prayed. Several of you took the time to let us know you were praying and some even sent funds to help with the extra expenses. We cannot put into words what all that means to us at this time. Thank you in Jesus’ Lovely Name!

We would also like to ask you to intercede for a missionary, Butch Krenz. He recently lost his wife to cancer, and we just found out that he has been hospitalized for somewhere around one month already in northern Thailand. We are trying to get all of the details, but this brother is unable to get funds from his account. It is locked up due to an ATM problem when one of his local helpers tried to draw out money on his behalf. He was moved from a private hospital because he could not pay them and at this time they have his passport until the bill is paid. Again, we do not know all the details but please do intercede and contact me for more info when I can find it.


For Souls Still Waiting,

Tom and Krinny Gaudet

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