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Gaudet Family Update – June 26, 2010

June 26 | Posted by Tom Gaudet | Gaudet Family Updates Tags:


Several have inquired concerning progress here with the work and with my recovery from injury and 2 surgeries. First let me say how grateful I am for your continued intercession. We surely would not want to attempt ministry of such scope and in such a place without the faithful intercession of God’s people!

Recovery from the nerve damage done to my arm has taken a very long time. I still am not free of pain in my hand but it is much better. The biggest problem besides discomfort is that typing is very difficult. That will improve, Lord willing! Please keep praying.

Several projects have been brought to completion over these past days. We are excited to see the first S’gaw Karen booklet on Eternal Security in proofing stage now. How greatly this precious doctrine is needed among the Karen Christians. Pray as we begin translation in this language of some studies aimed at evangelism. Several other publications in Burmese are nearly finished also.

Several offerings have come in specifically for the container arrival and trans-shipment of Burmese Scriptures. This is the portion of the cost that we are responsible for concerning this next container. There is still a huge need. If you want more information please contact me. I hope to share with you later the huge investment that has already been made by brethren in the USA who have raised the funds and printed the 40,000# container of Burmese scriptures.

I must make at least two international trips which were in planning stage when i was injured almost 2 months ago. Please pray that these plans come together. Jeffry and Sarah Evans are scheduled to arrive in mid-August. April Wilson, a lady from our sponsoring Church who has served in Thailand with us before will be arriving approximately the same time as the Evans family. We are all excited about these folks coming. Jeffry will be a great traveling companion as well as other areas of ministry. I do not wish to travel alone.

I must close now. Thank you again for standing with our family and co-workers against the evil one. God’s Word is going forth on several fronts and in several languages. We praise
Him and thank you for the opportunty to be part of it!

For Souls Still Waiting,

Tom and Krinny Gaudet


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