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Gaudet Family Update – Krinny’s Health

February 20 | Posted by Tom Gaudet | Gaudet Family Updates

We are grateful for the e-mail replies to our last few updates indicating many of you are interceding for us at this time. Krinny had a follow-up with the Dr. today. The last time was one week ago when he did a shock wave treatment on the kidney stone. Apparently that did not have the desired effect so he did it again today, this time twice as long.

He said to return to the hospital on this coming Tuesday at which time he will do an ultrasound to gauge the progress. Basically we will not know anything more about more treatments or when she will be permitted to fly until then.

Krinny is pretty sore and exhausted from the treatment today but she just taking it easy and doing everything that is prescribed as well as trusting the Lord for it all. Most of you know she was taken to the emergency room the morning that we were scheduled to fly out for the USA. We were all packed up!

At this point our tickets are on hold until we give a date and then the agent can begin looking for flights with seats available. This is the busy time of the year so seats are sometimes very hard to find, so we have just totally put this in the hands of the Lord.

Again, thank you for your intercession and for your love for us. Please do not stop praying at this point. There really has not been a lot of progress except the pain is less and the nausea seems to be under control at this time.


For Souls Still Waiting,

Tom and Krinny Gaudet

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