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Gaudet Family Update – Latest container arrival!

September 11 | Posted by Tom Gaudet | Gaudet Family Updates Tags:


The container of literature arrived safely and is unloaded at our facility. We drove for 9+ hours round trip to the place where the container was unloaded. We do not have the final bill yet, but our customs broker normally alerts us if there is extra cost of clearance. PTL! Thank you for praying.

It was necessary to rent another vacant building next to ours to temporarily store some of the materials. There is a situation in the city where the literature is stored which hindered making the most important part of the ongoing shipments needed. In addition, we are not exactly certain where we are with shipping funds and amazingly, our ATM cards are all locked up right now. Occasionally our bank in the USA decides that when we use the card it is “suspicious activity” and it has to be sorted out with the bank before it will work again. Please pray that these matters can be sorted out so we can trans-ship the materials into strategic locations for distribution.

We hand delivered some 500 whole Bibles, 1,400 New Testaments, and 4,000 Gospels to brethren who will then distribute them in the immediate area. Within a month, we hope to have the extra rental space cleaned out. The literature must be moved to at least 5 major locations within Thailand, all very near the borders of two other countries.

Within the past week, via e-mail and phone we received requests for quite a lot of these materials in Burmese and other languages. PTL, we can now fill most of those requests. . I wish I could tell you more details but cannot via e-mail. My heart is full today as I have personally watched the Lord work in at least 3 situations in lives of people we have worked with. Each one involved a significant work of the Holy Spirit in their lives. What a joy to serve Him!

For Souls Still Waiting,

Tom and Krinny Gaudet


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