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Gaudet Family Update – March 12, ’11

March 12 | Posted by Tom Gaudet | Gaudet Family Updates Tags:

Greetings Friends,

We are within two weeks of leaving for the USA. This trip was mostly unplanned (see last e-mail update) and has coincided with two of our co-workers also departing. But, the Lord knew what we did not. Let me explain.

Before we depart, we expect the first of two Hmong translators to arrive here to start translation work on an entire Bible Institute Curriculum. Many of you will remember the Hmong refugees with whom we had somewhat to do a number of years ago. Bro. Jeff Lange found out that two of these men are back in Thailand. Both of them have legal status to stay here. The leaders of the brethren who are back in Laos have expressed real concern for the need of these doctrinal materials to continue to train men. Both of these men these men are prepared to translate this curriculum. They will need to work from the Thai edition of it that we had translated during a two year span in the past. We had partnered with the Langes on the Thai translation project and will do the same on this Hmong translation. These are vital materials as nearly everything in print is very weak doctrinally.

These men will be working in the office daily alongside us. The Langes traveled here and today we rented a house just 3 blocks from us that they will live in. All this is happening quickly, but we can see the hand of the Lord in it. It will be a joy to work directly with these men daily. We have most of the household items to equip this house. Unfortunately some of the items are in a facility on the border. Bro. Lange will travel there this coming week to pick up the items and before the end of next week the house will be ready to occupy. Please pray for all this entails; finances and the Langes travel as we are unable to take the time to help much as we prepare to leave. Of course, please pray for these two Hmong men and their families as they move here and begin working.

We have much to do before we depart for the USA. Most of it involves making sure that our absence does not hinder our co-workers being effective in their work. Please pray for these preparations and for the faithful brethren who work with us to publish the Word of God.

For Souls Still Waiting,

Tom and Krinny Gaudet


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