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Gaudet Family Update – Shipping, etc…

August 26 | Posted by Tom Gaudet | Gaudet Family Updates Tags:
 Dear Intercessors,

In our last update, I asked prayer for my trip to Burma. That trip was short but very productive in a number of ways. We were able to sort out printing inside the country for two large projects in different languages. Also, a great deal of time was spent with brethren discussing the disposition of Scriptures yet to be shipped. We have a number of options now that we did not before which continue to ensure the most effective use of these Scriptures so sacrificially produced by brethren in the USA.

We plan to immediately implement at least two of these options within the next 2 weeks with a number of shipments. I have a better idea now of costs and am going to ask your continued prayer as I outline what is ahead. What is needed in the starting immediately is shipping some 3,400 boxes. At the current rate, this comes to approximately $21,000. We have $7,500 of that on hand now. 2,200 boxes are here now and another shipment of whole Bibles (25,000) will be here shortly.

There are other factors which may reduce the cost as we begin shipping. Some of the brethren in country have expressed their desire to help. To appreciate that, you must understand that this is a place where the normal salary is less than most people in the USA spend on their phone bills. Please pray that we will have the necessary funds by the time required.

We continue to explore options, and to that end we are making an additional test shipment of one pallet of boxes within the next 2 weeks. Many things are changing in Burma. Please pray that this proves to be a method with will totally eliminate the huge cost of trans-shipping. All other container shipments will be on hold till the results are known.

I plan another trip into the country within the next 6 weeks or so for the purpose of following up on the next shipment made. We will be recording testimonies of those who have distributed and received the Bibles, New Testaments, Gospels, and tracts. Please pray that I will have the necessary help in the form of crew for filming. This sort of communication is essential to understanding the great need.

Also we asked specific prayer for the completion of a very difficult project. This was in the Shan language. Shan is important in that it is the 2nd largest unreached people group in Burma. PTL, our co-workers were able to work with a Shan pastor to complete this. It is to go to press on Monday! This whole process has taken over 3 ½ years!

Thank you for praying and for standing with us through victorious as well as difficult times. You are making a difference.


For Souls Still Waiting,

Tom and Krinny Gaudet


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