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Gaudet Family Update – Special Prayer

May 7 | Posted by Tom Gaudet | Gaudet Family Updates Tags:

Thank you for standing with us in the place of intercession. You will never know what it means to all of us here. Please forgive the long Update…

In many ways, the past two months have been very hard. Several of our co-workers as well as Krinny and I have experienced oft-times severe health problems. Additionally, there have been several back-to-back instances of unusual expenses, mostly related to the ongoing work and personal needs of our co-workers and families. I will not go into it all here but suffice it to say that we are keenly aware of the work of the enemy.

Earlier Updates mentioned that the owner of the facility we rent for our office has put it up for sale. We asked prayer as an unscheduled move would be so disruptive and expensive. Just yesterday we were introduced to the new owner! As only the Lord can work it out, she was very happy to have us stay! All of our co-workers are delighted as moving would have impacted each of them in a big way. Now, instead of a huge bill for moving and setting up in a new location, we only need at this point to come up with around $450 additional to secure the contract, to be signed this Saturday.

Normally this would not be a serious problem, but the past two months have stretched us financially for around $2,500 in unbudgeted expenses as mentioned above. Also, over the next 10 days we are facing nearly $2,700 additional expenses (again unbudgeted) related to the work in Hmong, Karen, Urdu, as well as securing the contract for the office.

Also, the container spoken of in earlier Updates is due to arrive in around 10 days. Some offerings have come in so we should have enough on hand to clear the container from customs, but we will be short around $4,500 for trans-shipping of the Bibles to those who have requested them.

We have some other co-worker related prayer requests which will need to remain “unspoken” at this point, but are important nevertheless. Please hold up each one of our co-workers in prayer. They are precious to us and to the work.

As Krinny and I looked over these daunting figures, we were reminded of the fact that many of you pray faithfully for the work and in many ways are as invested in it as we are. Please intercede over these next days. Our Lord is faithful.


For Souls Still Waiting,

Tom and Krinny Gaudet


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