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Gaudet family Update – Time in the USA

July 14 | Posted by Tom Gaudet | Gaudet Family Updates Tags:

Greetings from Texas!

We miss the people and work in Thailand but are so thankful for the time here with our Church family. This is a multipurpose trip and we have already figured out it will not be long enough.

The work flowing through the Translation and Publishing office in Thailand has grown so much (and shows no sign of abating) that we felt the need to “Sharpen our axe” here in the USA for a while. If you pray for rain it might be good to get a raincoat! We have prayed that the Lord would use the work and expand it as He sees fit. He has been doing that, but we often seem overwhelmed by it.

I will be visiting home churches of two of our co-workers to encourage them; contacting or visiting with several of the printing ministries who help us with printed materials; as well as working through some other logistic matters. We want to be better prepared for God has in store for us in the near future.

We need to make presentations in new churches and reporting to some of our supporters but this trip will by necessity be somewhat limited in that regard. I will however be in two churches which have begun supporting us even though we have never visited them!

Please pray for these matters that we will be led of the Lord in all of it. Pray also for our coworkers in Thailand. Monday starts one of the most important holidays of the year for Thai. Several of them will be traveling to visit family this week. I know they will appreciate your intercession for their travel and work in the ministry. Pray for our Thai, Pakistani, Hmong, Falam Chin, Karen, and American coworkers in Thailand.

For Souls Still Waiting,
Tom and Krinny Gaudet


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