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Gaudet Family Update – Travel, IT Help Needed

February 21 | Posted by Tom Gaudet | Gaudet Family Updates Tags:

Dear Intercessors.

I just returned from an unplanned, two day trip to Bangkok with one of our co-workers. This is one of the Hmong brethren who are working with us translating the Bible Institute Curriculum. For the past couple of months he has been experiencing loud ringing in his ears accompanied by pain which extended down his neck. This has really hindered his work and of course made all of us concerned. After several Dr. Visits here which concluded with “Here take this anti-depressant” all the way to suspicions of a tumor, we decided to take him to a hospital in Bangkok which we felt could actually give a solid diagnosis.

A MRI and other tests were run which eliminated suspicions of something worse and he was sent home with a regimen of medication for pain while changing some environmental factors which are contributing to his condition. It was very well worth the time and money spent to get some real help. Of course, it was not budgeted but the entire cost was around $700. He still needs to be fitted for eyeglasses.

Please pray for him and for one of our other co-workers who had to make an emergency room visit last night. The enemy is very active and when we review the list of materials being prepared daily, it is no surprise. Intercession is needed.

We are also in need of IT help. If you know of someone who could consult with us via phone or internet please let me know. The two areas of need are secure web page development, and Windows Server and Backup Exec software.

We mentioned in an earlier e-mail about our family returning to the USA Sept-Nov, 2012. Several pastors have already contacted us and we are working on the schedule now. If you would like to have us report or present the ministry during these dates, drop us a line or e-mail.

We so much appreciate your intercession on our behalf. Much more could be said of the needs and opportunities before us but we will stop here. Thank you for your concern.
For Souls Still Waiting,
Tom and Krinny Gaudet


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