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Gaudet Family Update – Travel

October 15 | Posted by Tom Gaudet | Gaudet Family Updates Tags:


I am boarding a flight in an hour or so for the USA. This is a very unusual trip for me for several reasons. I am going alone; Krinny is staying in Thailand while I am away. Once I arrive in the USA other than two very quick trips out, I will be in Fort Worth for the entire month planned. Most of the time will be spent trying to be an encouragement to our sponsoring Church. October is Missions month and I will be there for at least three of the Sundays of the month with them.

While I was preparing for this trip, our staff was working hard to finish a couple of projects. We had incredible opposition and at some point one of our co-workers from the USA who has just returned after being gone for around 3 years said words to this effect “I don’t remember the opposition being this great the last time I was here.’ My reply was “We were not involved in as many key things as now and the potential impact was not as great.” In the midst of the struggles however, a major task of nearly three years was finished. Also a short video update was just completed. I have it with me and will duplicate and mail it from the USA.

One major project which will take probably one year to complete in the Urdu language commences on Monday after I leave. Please pray for those involved. Quite a bit of time was spent making sure that our co-workers with that project were not handicapped by my absence.

I do appreciate your intercession for this trip and for Krinny and our co-workers while I am away. As I have expressed many times, we are “dependent” Baptists. We need your prayer and the Lord’s power.

For Souls Still Waiting,

Tom and Krinny Gaudet


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