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Gaudet Family Update – Update on Milton Martin

June 17 | Posted by Tom Gaudet | Gaudet Family Updates Tags:

Many of you have asked about Milton Martins’ condition. The following was written by Bruce Martin. Please pray

After about 3 weeks of tests, they still have not found the reason for my Father’s GI problems. He has severe nausea and vomiting whenever he tries to eat. On Friday evening, while he was sitting at the table and trying to eat, he fainted and fell on is right side. His face was bruised and lacerated and his right eye is swollen shut. He also has some bleeding on his right arm. Because of his taking Coumadin for his blood pressure, it has been a battle to stop the bleeding. On Saturday afternoon, they did an endoscopy and still could not find any problems. Dad is very frustrated with the lack of a diagnosis. They will keep him in the hospital until at least Monday and do some more endoscopy.

 Adding to that, this evening we were informed that Sister Guillermina Mendoza, the wife of Bro. Carlos Mendoza (who was one of the original six preachers that Dad trained and is one of the original preachers from Chiapas) passed away Saturday evening after several massive heart attacks. We have had a relationship with this family for 48 years. This has been a difficult time for my parents and for my wife and I as we have been very close to them. Provi and I will be travelling to Mexico for the funeral. Your prayers are always appreciated.

Bruce Martin  email


This dear Brother has been a big influence in our lives and ministry over the years. Please pray for him.



For Souls Still Waiting,

Tom and Krinny Gaudet


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