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Gaudet Family Update – December 22, 2013

December 23 | Posted by Tom Gaudet | Gaudet Family Updates Tags:
Greetings Brethren,

We have returned from the trip to Burma. God blessed it in many ways as we suspected since the opposition was so intense beforehand and during the early part of the trip. We were able to document several testimonies of men who have witnessed first-hand the hunger for the Word of God in Burma.

As many of you know, we have been publishing and distributing Bibles, Scripture portions and other helpful materials in the languages of Burma for at least the past 7 years. Those who fund the printing and shipping of these materials need to hear from these men and women in Burma. Please pray as we start tomorrow putting together a video for this purpose. Pray that it will be used of the Lord to stir hearts and open eyes to the hunger for the Word of God.

The day following our return, we (at least one of our co-workers) supervised the unloading of a container with 25,000 whole Bibles in Burmese. Please pray as we sort out the distribution of this precious cargo. We will be unable to do any trans-shipping until funds are available, but a lot of preparation for this is needed. Please pray.

Thank you so much for your faithfulness in intercession for the work here. May the Lord bless you with a precious time with family and friends for a time of celebration of the Birth of our Saviour. Immanuel, God with us! What a reason for celebration!



For Souls Still Waiting,

Tom and Krinny Gaudet

Gaudet Family Update – December 14, 2013

December 19 | Posted by Tom Gaudet | Gaudet Family Updates Tags:

Please intercede on our behalf as Nat Williams and I travel to Burma tomorrow morning. We have appointments with several men lined up during that time but fully trust the Lord to lead us to some divine appointments which are outside of our ability for which to plan. As mentioned in an earlier post, we need to document how the Lord has used the Scriptures and other materials which have been provided in Burmese.

This trip has been delayed many times and really could not come at a worse time, humanly speaking. Many of the brethren in Burma use this time to travel in evangelism as it is dry season as well as Christmas and New Year coming up. Of course, for many reasons it is not good for us either. However, it is when the Lord allowed it.

Please pray also for our families and co-workers as we are away. The enemy has fought this in many regards.

We also have a container arriving sometime between the end of next week and the end of the month. We hope to have specific information about distribution of these materials upon return from this trip. Please pray for smooth arrival and customs clearance for the container of Bibles. Please pray for the timing of these events and pray that His Will be done.

I hope to be able to update you upon our return. Thank you for your intercession.


For Souls Still Waiting,

Tom and Krinny Gaudet

Gaudet Family Update – November 30, 2013

December 19 | Posted by Tom Gaudet | Gaudet Family Updates Tags:

Thanksgiving was a blessing for us. Of course it is not celebrated here by anyone but Americans, and in this case, also their co-workers! We trust each you had a great time celebrating the holiday with family and friends.

We would like to update you on a few matters and ask your continued intercession.

 Tickets purchased! Krinny and I are scheduled to return to the USA February 13, 2014. We plan to spend time with our sponsoring church as well as visit many of our supporters upon our return. If you would like to have us make a visit to your Church, please let us know so we can get it on the calendar. Click here to e-mail us.

Trip to Burma: Nat Williams and I are scheduled to travel to Burma December 15-20. The driving purpose of this trip is to interview men who have received and distributed Bibles which we have shipped. Over the years we have received many requests for Bibles in which the men say how desperately people need them. What we have been unable do has been to document these requests and testimonies of the effect the Bibles have had in the country. For several reasons this is essential at this time.

Please pray for this trip, and the testimonies of the men we are trying to document. Also pray that we will be able to produce a video from these testimonies before we depart for the USA. Much is at stake as hundreds of thousands of dollars have been spent by God’s people in the USA to print and ship these Bibles. Souls are what this is all about!

By the way, Nat and Anne Williams are newly arrived missionaries to the people of Burma. They are in Thailand starting their ministry. He consented to make this trip with me, but please pray that information he gains, and contacts he makes will help open doors of opportunity for them. If you do not know them, you should! Click here for their website.

Also, another container is on the ocean now with nearly 25.000 Burmese Bibles inside. We need to work out distribution of these materials before it arrives. Funds will be needed both to receive the container as well as distribution. Please pray!

It is such a comfort to know that He is in charge of each matter before us. In recent days, we have seen God work victoriously in the lives of some of our co-workers. Thank you for your faithful intercession and support.


For Souls Still Waiting,

Tom and Krinny Gaudet

Gaudet Family Update – 12 November 2013

November 14 | Posted by Tom Gaudet | Gaudet Family Updates Tags:

Greetings from Thailand! The cool weather season has started in this region. I can’t say we are disappointed by that for sure. Every little bit helps!

We would like to bring you up to date on several fronts. Please excuse the long post:

1. Securing the data: We have pushed really hard over the past 5 years or so to produce solid doctrinal, evangelistic, discipleship, and Scripture in the languages of Burma. This has been very effective and much of it is either in print, or distributed via disk or internet from which printing can occur.

In addition, we have data files of finished projects in nearly 60 other languages! It has been hard keeping up with all this due to lack of IT help. Backups have been on again, off again due to this. We are now trying to secure nearly 12tb of data! Please keep this huge matter in your prayers. I cannot imagine losing it.

2. Shipments: One container shipment is on the way here now containing nearly 25,000 Burmese Bibles! PTL! We continue to have requests for these and are now trying to plan for the distribution once on the ground. There are some specific needs concerning this aspect of the ministry for which we are trusting the Lord for wisdom and answers. Please pray.

3. Ongoing publishing: We are just going to mix several projects into this brief report. We just took delivery of the first printing of Good and Evil in the Shan language. Distribution has already started and it has caused quite a stir as Shan is a huge, mostly unreached people group in Burma, Thailand, and China. We just ordered the printing of the same book in Bahasa Indonesian. This is really big news as both of these languages have been multiple years in completion and will be very effective tools in reaching the lost in these key languages. Translation is ongoing in some 30 other languages as well as projects such as Bible Institute curriculum in 3 languages, video scripts, discipleship lessons, tracts… I could continue, but I think you get the point.

4. Video: We are trying to finalize at least 4 videos in the next few months. Kelly Billigmeier is here for three months and she is equipping us with training and helping to finalize these videos. Much is required including a trip to Burma in which we will be recording testimonies and greetings to brethren in the USA who have been printing the Bibles.

5. Health: Let us just sum up this section by saying we are getting older. Many health issues this year for both of us. We appreciate your prayers.

6. USA: Our plan is to return to the USA after the first of the year. We need time to pray with our sponsoring Church about the ministry here and visit most of our supporters. Timing for it is uncertain at this point.

Thinking on all this I had a Bible verse come to mind but for the life of me I could not quote it. I just remembered the part about being “pressed out of measure.” So I looked up the verse and realized that it was even more pertinent than I remembered it: “For we would not, brethren, have you ignorant of our trouble which came to us in Asia, that we were pressed out of measure, above strength, insomuch that we despaired even of life:” 2 Corinthians 1:8. I would not say we have trouble as much as opportunities which are sometimes overwhelming.

Thank you for faithfully standing with us in intercession and finances as we continue. We cannot imagine undertaking this without you.


For Souls Still Waiting,

Tom and Krinny Gaudet

Gaudet Family Update – 10 October 2013

October 17 | Posted by Tom Gaudet | Gaudet Family Updates Tags:

It is hard to believe that it has been one month since we sent out the last update. We have been stretched in every direction due to fewer co-workers. It is amazing what those who have left recently did on a day to day basis!

Other than the lady who has arrived from the USA to help us with video, we are not going to add staff yet because just after the first of the year, Lord willing, we plan to make a trip back to the USA. We sense the need to make a visit to several of our faithful supporters who have not been visited in years. Also, we need the time with our sponsoring church to pray over the work here. Please pray for everything to come together according to His plan.

Also we are now ready to move another large quantity of Bibles, Gospels, New Testaments and tracts. It is needed in-country and we need the room as another incoming shipment is being planned now. We will be short of the needed funds for this by around $2,500.00. We originally had enough to make one shipment this size but due to prices dropping on our last trans-shipment, we have almost enough to take care of this one also. Please pray. We are keenly aware of the fact that He keeps us dependent upon Him.

Please pray for safety as we (Krinny, two of our co-workers, and I) plan to leave tomorrow morning to drive about 6 hours south of here. We need to record some testimonies and feel it can be done on this three day trip. We sincerely appreciate you standing with us in the place of intercession.

Thank you in Jesus’ Lovely Name.


For Souls Still Waiting,

Tom and Krinny Gaudet

Gaudet Family Update – Shipping Follow-Up

September 17 | Posted by Tom Gaudet | Gaudet Family Updates Tags:
Burmese Scripture shipped Sept 2013

1006 boxes of Scriptures in Burmese, approx. 30,000#

3,600 Bibles, 23,944 New Testaments, 117,600 Gospels of John/Romans


We just received word that all of the shipment has arrived safely at the distribution point in-country. In fact, here is a photo. Please pray as brethren begin spreading these materials throughout the country and distributing to those in most need of the precious Word of God! We have this much again in our facility in Thailand which also needs to be shipped. Please pray!

BTW, this has been happening for somewhere around 5 years. It is just now that we feel confident enough with the changes in the country to post photos. Pray Brethren, pray!


For Souls Still Waiting,Tom and Krinny Gaudet

Gaudet Family Update – Carolyn Chambers Depart Tomorrow

September 11 | Posted by Tom Gaudet | Gaudet Family Updates Tags:

In our last e-mail update, we informed you of Carolyn Chambers working to get her tickets reissued to leave ASAP due to her father’s health. She was able to reschedule with only a $10 charge, and will depart tomorrow eve (Wednesday) for the USA. Please pray for her travel and her father’s convalescence. She is packing and saying her “Good-byes.” She will be sorely missed here I assure you. We spent time today recounting her 5 years working with us in Thailand. What a wonderful God we serve!

We are beginning to receive word of the safe arrival of the first portions of the large shipment made last week. I did not make clear how this was done. It certainly was not in a container, even though it was over 30,000#. 1,006 boxes were loaded by hand on and off several means of transport including several trucks, small boats, busses, etc.. Much of it is still in-transit. Brethren have already started e-mailing their gratitude.

Please pray as the remainder of the shipment arrives and as we make plans to travel to meet several of the distributors. Pray that funds will be available to ship the remainder in our warehouse, and that we can formulate a solid strategy of handling this in the future. What a wonderful problem to have!


For Souls Still Waiting,

Tom and Krinny Gaudet

Gaudet Family Update – Prayer Request for Coworker and Family

September 11 | Posted by Tom Gaudet | Gaudet Family Updates Tags:

In a recent e-mail update we asked prayer for Carolyn Chambers’ father as he was hospitalized with a heart attack. His testing was completed and the Dr. found that he had major damage to the heart. They put in a couple of stents to give him some relief. He was released from the hospital yesterday, but is very weak.

When Carolyn called home this evening to check on him, her mother asked her to come home to help them during his convalescence. She was scheduled to go back to the USA in about 6 weeks, so she will be trying to change her already purchased ticket ASAP. Please pray for her father and Carolyn as she tries to get her ticket changed.

None of this took the Lord by surprise. Pray for His perfect Will in it all. Carolyn is a valuable asset to the work here and will be sorely missed.

BTW, she has a brother living in Laos. As this is written I do not know their status but please pray for him and his family. I am sure they are equally concerned for his father.

It is such a comfort to know that many of you will be praying during these days. Thank you!


For Souls Still Waiting,

Tom and Krinny Gaudet

Gaudet Family Update – Report on Shipping

September 5 | Posted by Tom Gaudet | Gaudet Family Updates Tags:

I just returned from the trip we reported in our last e-mail update. In spite of many obstacles, this turned out to be the largest shipment we have ever made at one time, over 1,000 boxes, just short of the contents of a 40′ container! It also was the least expensive!

Due to some relationships which have been built, the people who take care of the most expensive part of this process reduced the cost. This shipment turned out to be 30% less than the last one! We were amazed and thankful to the Lord. We pray this will hold true next time also. A reduced cost simply means that much less will be needed for the next shipment.

Here is what went out:

3,600 Bibles

  23,944 New Testaments

117,600 Gospels of John/Romans

    1,006 boxes, approx 33,000#

It was such a joy to see these materials in the hands of brethren who will make sure they are used. Plans have been made to follow up this shipment with a visit to several of the brethren who are using these materials. The purpose is to collect testimonies and re-assess the need. Please pray that I will have the necessary help to make the trip.

We asked prayer for Carolyn Chambers’ father as he had a heart attack. An update to that situation is that he is home recovering. Thank you so much or praying.

I also asked prayer as I was not walking very well when I departed. At the last moment, I was able to get a flight and thus did not have to drive. That really helped me and by the next evening, I was doing much better.

Thank you again for your intercession. You will never know what it means to us.


For Souls Still Waiting,

Tom and Krinny Gaudet

Gaudet Family Update – Shipping and etc…

September 4 | Posted by Tom Gaudet | Gaudet Family Updates Tags:
Dear Intercessors,

After many e-mails, phone calls, starts and stops, we are scheduled to make a cross-border shipment of Scriptures tomorrow morning. This will amount to approximately ½ of a 40′ container. Those who will receive it are making a two-day trip by bus, and I will be leaving within a couple of hours for a 5 hour drive to meet them. Please pray for the shipment, and all of the travel.

In fact, I woke up this morning and am not able to walk very well due to a very old injury manifesting itself. This will greatly complicate things but I cannot delay or cancel the trip at this point.

Please pray also for Krinny and our co-workers as they remain behind. Carolyn Chambers received word that her father has suffered a heart attack. She is monitoring the situation by e-mail and phone and of course, is standing by to travel to the USA if his condition warrants it. Please pray for wisdom for her, her fathers’ healing, and of course peace and comfort which only can come from knowing the Father of mercies, and the God of all comfort.     


For Souls Still Waiting,

Tom and Krinny Gaudet