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This video reports on the Urdu New Testament and the brother who did the translation. We used this video as we traveled to update Churches in 2015. The New Testament has just gone to press (May 2016)

This video, posted May, 2012 is an update concerning the translation of an entire Bible Institute curriculum in Hmong. It also briefly touches on the current status of the Hmong referred to in some of the other videos on this page. To view it click here.


Pioneers in Mission Publishing
Felix Carey (3:20 min.)
Mission Press (4:03 min.)

William Carey (3:50 min.)

Jotham Meeker (5:08 min.)

Henry Martyn (4:03 min.)

Produced in 2011

A collection of videos describing the importance that early missionaries placed on publishing the Word of God.

The Mission Field at Your Door
(11:58 min.)

Produced in 2010

This vidoe brings focus on Karen refugees. Who are they? Where did they come from? Why are they living in my city and how can I help them?

The White Through the Darkness
(11:44 min.)

Produced in 2008

A short video on Adoniram Judson and the Burmese Bible.

Burma: The Longest War for Independence (7:15 min.)

Produced in 2007

Burma: A struggling country that has been fighting one of the longest civil wars in history.

Because You Prayed (8:42 min.)

Produced in 2007

In 1999, the 29th province of Indonesia overwhelmingly voted for independence in a United Nations sponsored referendum. Watch as a new country is birthed and the door is opened for ministry with these hurting people.

Thailand 2006-2007 (13:05 min)

Produced in 2007

April Wilson, a young lady who has been working with the Gaudets, shares her experiences in Thailand.

Through the Eyes of a Child (11:18 min)

Produced in 2007

Through the eyes of a refugee child, we see how God built an indigenous church in the harshest circumstances.

Where is Their Hope? (8:20 min)

Produced in 2007

This video explores Thailand’s role with refugees.

Nam Khao Baptist Church Building Project (4:47 min)

Produced in 2006 in conjunction with Jeff Lange

Nam Khao Baptist Church built their building without the help of American money – even though they are refugees, living in terrible conditions. See how God blesses their indigenous work.

What Do They Do Anyway? (10:52 min)

Produced in 2006

Short Term Missions video to answer the question most often asked about the Teams that go to the Field with the Gaudets for short-term mission trips.

Birth of Nam Khao Baptist Church (10:33 min)

Produced in 2006

See the miraculous birth of a church in the Hmong Refugee Camp in Northern Thailand.

Background of Hmong Refugees (7:01 min)

Produced in 2006

Background on Hmong Refugees in Huay Nam Khao, Thailand. See their plight and how they got there.

Thailand, Land of Freedom…Land of Darkness (6:35 min.)

Produced in 2006

Thailand, a land of freedom, but great spiritual darkness.

Interview with Ferdie Flores (12:41 min)

Produced in 2005

In 2005 Ferdie Flores, missionary to East Timor, was beaten for his faith. Watch this powerful interview with Bro. Flores.

North Korea – Land of Darkness, Land of Hope (17:07 min)

Produced in 2002

17 minute video on North Korea’s desperate plight and what can be done.

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